NFCC'S Guide Through the Seasons of Mental Wellness

Nick Finnegan Counseling Center

Os Galindo produced this podcast for the Nick Finnegan Counseling Center, a non-profit organization. This podcast covers the development of self, partnerships, parenting, and much more. NFCC exists to make mental health care affordable and accessible. Through conversations exploring the family life cycle, as well as common individual and relational concerns, NFCC hopes to expand access to mental health resources.

Yield Podcast

St. Luke's UMC

Os Galindo produced and facilitated making of this spiritual and religious podcast for St. Luke's United Methodist Church. St. Luke's UMC has been serving the local River Oaks community in Houston, Texas for over 75 years! Join Michelle Manuel and Colin Bagby, pastors at St. Luke's UMC, as they investigate spiritual practices for the season of Lent.